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The Mylumni system is founded under two ideals. Firstly, bringing people together through a connection with their school. Secondly, using great technology and economies of scale to enable this for schools at a very low, affordable cost. A school site is a place for past students new and old to register under their years of attendance, share a statement on their life, and optionally provide contact details. The system is themed to a school's identity, where one central system runs many different instances, permitting costs to be shared among the Mylumni community. This brings affordability to even the smallest schools. The system can also accommodate the needs of tertiary institutions and other membership bodies, from any country.

Discover a legacy

School life is an enormous influence on a child's upbringing. Whether students of a school go on to be architects, nurses, soldiers, teachers, or the next generation of parents, a school's success is reflected in their lives. enables a school to access and promote previously unknown threads of colour in the tapestry of the school's history.

Discover the community

You'll be surprised at how many past students still live locally to their school, or research old school interests from abroad. can help glue this community together so your school and your graduating students can reconnect with each other.

Staff registrations are now supported!

Affordable one-time setup cost, and very affordable annual license (please enquire for a plan for your school & region).

Easy-to-use Authorisation Queue to rapidly approve registrants.

Accessible on any device through responsive design - on average 30% of Mylumni visitors are mobile.

Minimal maintenance effort, approx 10 min per week. Designed to be affordable and easy.

Access web traffic reports with Google Analytics. See how Mylumni extends the reach of a school website.

Proudly Australian made, available internationally. Soon supporting additional languages.

Why Mylumni is better for schools

Mylumni is not Facebook, or Myspace, or Linked In. It's safer, for the children, for the community, for the school. There are strictly no images or media allowed, no advertising, schools have control of all content on their Mylumni site under a proactive model. This means all public registrations must first be authorised before appearing online, using a streamlined and user-friendly authorisation tool. Although registrations are open only to past/graduating students, present students read the entries and embrace the history of the school. It's not just about organising reunions or celebrating milestones, it's much more.

Join and support is an Australian startup, but it's also available to other countries & languages. Please enquire about obtaining a site for your school in your region and learn more about how this service can serve your school. There is also opportunities for tertiary institutions and clubs.

By joining, a school can build an important foundation for its legacy, while supporting product development that benefits all in the Mylumni community.
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